26-Layer Hdi Board From China Pcb Supplier, Used In Embedded System With 200U” Hard Gold On Fingers

There are 3 difficult points for this 26-Layer Hdi Board printed circuit board:
1, high layer counts up to 26 layers—YMS can support 34 layers PCB.
2, HDI board with a laser drill, 2 step blind & buried holes with 3 times pressing.
3, hard gold 200u” on gold fingers area, edge connector.

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26 layer hdi board from china pcb supplier used in embedded system with 200u_ hard gold on fingers4

Product Parameters

Layers: 26 layers with blind & buried holes and gold fingers
Board Thickness: 2.4mm+/-0.24mm
Copper weight: 1 OZ for the outer layer and H OZ for the inner layer
Material: FR-4 TG 180
Min Holes:0.2mm (8mil)
Minimum Line Width/Clearance:4mil/4mil
Board Size: 210mm x 121mm
Aspect Ratio: 12:1
Surface Treatment: ENIG (gold thickness 2u”) + gold fingers (edge connector) up to 200u”
Applications: telecom communication, aerospace, military
Impedance Control: yes
Back drill: yes, from bot side with 0.5mm holes
Resin plug holes: yes
Solder mask color: green
Silkscreen color: white

Product Feature

Normally the gold thickness on gold fingers (edge connectors) is 10-30u, but this product request 200u, it’s hard to control the gold thickness and quality because it’s too thick, but we do it well with our high precision equipment and professional management team.

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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