Ic Substrates Board Using Shengyi S1141 S1170 S1000-2M, It180A, Tuc-872,Tuc-883, Ad255C

IC substrates serve as the connection between IC and the PCB (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD) by a conductive network between traces and holes. IC substrates represent the highest level of miniaturization in PCB manufacturing and share many similarities with semiconductor manufacturing.

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YMS PCB focuses on IC substrates PCB and semiconductor PCB since 2012. IC substrate has been developing with the booming of new types of ICs like BGA and CSP which call for new carriers of package.
As one type of the most advanced PCB (Printed Circuit Board), IC substrate PCB has exploded in both popularity and applications together with any layer HDI PCB and flex-rigid PCB, now widely applied in telecommunications and electronics updates.

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Product Details

Layer count 22
Material FR-4 TG180 ITEQ(IT180A)
Board size(mm) 320 X 410
Board size(inch) 12.598 X 16.142
Board thickness 5.0mm
Outer layer copper 30um
Inner layer copper 18um & 35um
Min hole 0.4mm
Min trace width 4mil(0.1mm)
Min trace gap 4mil(0.1mm)
Aspect ratio 12.5:1
Surface treatment Immersion gold (ENIG)
Application IC substrates, IC test PCB, semiconductor printed circuit board(PCB)
Solder mask color black
Silkscreen white
Standard IPC-II
Impedance Yes

Product Features

This is HDI board with laser holes, the blind and buried holes are on all layers.

ic substrates board using shengyi s1141 s1170 s1000 2m it180a tuc 872tuc 883 ad255c4

HDI PCB= High-Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board, it’s widely used in the high technology industry like automotive, aerospace, telecom communication…also the products are widely used in IC substrate, IC test, semiconductor.

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