Pcba/Smt/Smd Stencil With Frame

There are 2 kinds of PCB/SMT/SMD stencil, it could be in a frame or without a frame. A framework is for automated stencil machines. Non-framework is for hand solder. Usually, the framework is heavier and bigger than the non-framework. So, the framework is more expensive to ship and might be charged for dimensional weight shipping.

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YMS has its factory to support both of the above PCB/SMT/SMD stencils. Electropolishing will remove small burrs, improve the surface quality and provide smooth inside walls for better paste release. This treatment is mainly for IC lead width less than 0.5mm and BGA chips.

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Product Parameters

PCB SMT stencil is for accurate solder paste application. Stencil is also called SMT Stencil, a specific mold for SMT. PCB stencils help to apply solder paste to PCB boards during the reflow soldering process, to transfer the exact amount of solder paste to the exact location on the circuit boards. The stencil is placed on the surface of the PCB and then the solder paste is applied.

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Product Features

PCB/SMT/SMD stencil (Solder paste stencil) is necessary for Surface Mount Assembly.
Squeegee solder paste through a stencil, the stencil ensures the solder paste is the right amount in the right position. Then you can place surface mount components on solder paste and put it into the reflow oven. A stencil is a kind of bare stainless steel sheet.

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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