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This PCB is used in the automotive industry. YMS PCB got the certification of TS16949, we are on the vendor list of TOYOTA. We made all kinds of PCB, so except TS16949 certification, we also got UL, ISO9001, IS014000, IATF, HIG-TECH certification, etc.

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Product Parameters

Layers 8L   Rigid PCB
Board Thickness 1.9mm+/-0.19mm
Base Material FR4 TG150
Min mechanical Holes 0.25mm
Minimum Line Width/Clearance 0.1mm/0.1mm(4mil/4mil)
Minimum Clearance between Inner Layer PTH to trace 0.25mm
Size 145.21mm × 164.12mm
Surface Treatment ENEPIG
Special Technical Point Hole copper 25um
Impedance 100 +10/-10Ω   120 +12/-12Ω
Applications Automotive Industry

Product Feature

The finished treatment of this automotive PCB is ENEPIG. ENEPIG stands for Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold.
ENEPIG is a type of surface finish done on the copper layer to protect it from oxidation and corrosion in printed circuit boards. This surface finish improves the solderability of copper and is also RoHS compliant.

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ENEPIG surface finish is ideal for soldering, aluminum wire bonding, and gold wire bonding.
This surface finish is formed by the sequential deposition of nickel, followed by palladium, followed by immersion gold. The Nickel acts as a barrier layer and reduces copper dissolution during wave solder, and ensures fine solderability. Nickel also prevents the mixing of copper and solder.

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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