6Mm Thickness, 2+N+2 Hdi Board, Aspect Ratio 16:1, High Precision Pcb From China

This is a 6MM HDI board with laser holes, the min hole is 0.5mm with an aspect ratio of 12:1.
YMS support PCB thickness from 0.2-7.0mm (2-layer board) & 0.4-7.0mm (multilayer layer boards). Our high precision equipment is especially for the thick board and thick copper board (up to 12 OZ).

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6mm thickness 2+n+2 hdi board aspect ratio 16_1 high precision pcb from china4

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

Product Details

Layer count 8
Material FR-4 TG180
Board size(mm) 181.43 X 152.67
Board size(inch) 7.142 X 6.011
Board thickness 6.0mm (thick PCB)
Outer layer copper 35um
Inner layer copper 18um
Min hole 0.5mm
Min trace width 3mil(0.075mm)
Min trace gap 3mil(0.075mm)
Aspect ratio 12:1
Surface treatment Immersion Gold/Immersion Tin/Immersion Silver
Application Industry control equipment & medical machine system
Solder mask green
Silkscreen white
Standard IPC-II
Impedance Yes

Product Features

PCB—PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD from YMS since 2000, we provide electronic hardware service like OEM/ODM/EMS, our service as below:
Bare PCB production or Assembled PCBs
Bare Board PCBs in 24 hours or Assembled PCBs in 3 Working Days
NO MOV or MOQ for PCB and PCBA product
No Tooling Charges from a sample board.
No Minimum Order Charge for a repeat order
100% Manufacturability Check Before Production
PCB Configurator to check and upload design parameters before pricing
PCB Checker to analyses your data before you place your order
BOM and CPL analysis

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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