Antenna 5G Pcb Circuit Board, 3 Days Lead Time From Quick Turn Pcb Supplier, China

Our PCB products are widely used in 5G stations and 5G products from HUAWEI & ZTE. We provide one-stop service from PCB to PCBA including component/parts sourcing. From PCB design layout—Quick Turn PCB manufacturing—Component/part sourcing—PCBA(DIP/SMT) —Function test.

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Product Parameters

Layers: 6 layers
Board Thickness: 1.2mm+/-0.12mm
Copper weight: 1 OZ for the outer layer, H OZ for the inner layer
Material: FR-4 TG 170
Min Holes: 0.25mm (10mil)
Minimum Trace Width: 0.2m(8mil)
Minimum Trace Gap: 0.2m(8mil)
Board Size: 120mm x 130mm
Surface Treatment: OSP, Leaded HAL, LF HAL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin
Applications: automotive/intelligent/Communication Telecom/5 G station/
Computer area/Security-Camera-CCTV/Industrial control system/LEDPCB/Power supply /Medical Equipment
Impedance Control: Yes
Solder mask color: green/yellow/black with matt/white/red/purple/orange
Silkscreen color: white/yellow/grey

Product Features

The min BGA pads for this board are only 10mil with 0.35mm PITCH.

antenna 5g pcb circuit board 3 days lead time from quick turn pcb supplier china5

The 6mil through-holes are drilled on the BGA pads with resin plug hole then copper capped
BGA for SMT chip processing is a kind of packaging method.
BGA means Ball-Grid-Array, in the 1990s, with the continuous development of electronic technology, the processing speed of IC is also continuously improving.
With the continuous improvement of the number of I / O pins on the IC chip, the elements at all levels put forward higher requirements for IC packaging.
In addition, to consider the development of electronic equipment towards miniaturization and precision, BGA packaging is coming out and put into production.
Next technology professional SMT, SMT chip processing plant pater high precision to introduce the basic BGA processing information content.

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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