Backplane & High Speed Pcb Using High Tg(Tg170 Tg180 Tg250) With Edge Plating

PCB-PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD is using FR-4 material, with HIGH TG. The HIGH TG material is widely used in multilayer boards, the quality is stable. Generally speaking, the board of TG is more than 130 degrees, high TG is more than 170 degrees, and medium TG is more than 150 degrees. Usually, TG≥170℃ PCB is called high TG PCB. YMS PCB can support material up to TG250.

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Product Details

Layer count 10
Material FR-4 TG250
Board size(mm) 140 X 325
Board size(inch) 5.512 X 12.795
Board thickness 3.0 mm
Outer layer copper 35um
Inner layer copper 18um
Min hole 0.3mm
Min trace width 5mil
Min trace gap 5mil
Aspect ratio 10:1
Surface treatment Hard Gold 15u” with edge plated
Solder mask color green
Silkscreen white
Standard IPC-II

Product Features

This is an edge plating board, which means copper on the board edge connects the top and circuit layer. There is a lot of challenges for a PCB manufacturer mainly in how to prepare the plated edges and the life span adhesion of the plated material, what’s more, it needs the precision handling in PCB manufacturing that is used for edge PCB soldering.
YMS can make sure that the PCB edge castellation thoroughly prepares edges surfaces, which applies the plated copper for prompt adhesion and processes the circuit board to make sure the long-term adhesion between each layer.

backplane & high speed pcb using high tg(tg170 tg180 tg250) with edge plating3

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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