Security(Cctv) Pcb

Security PCB/PCBA use in CCTV, Camera, Monitor equipment, which are our main markets of the PCB application. We worked with many customers in the security industry from Europe, especially from UK and Germany.

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Most of the CCTV products are the 4-layer board with impedance control and 4/4mil trace width/gap, we are experienced at these products.

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Product Details

Layer count 4
Material FR-4 TG135
Board size(mm) 215.43 X 24.51
Stack up: 5mil PP + 1.2mm core + 5mil PP
Board thickness 1.6MM
Layer copper 1/1/1/1 OZ
Min hole 0.2mm
Min trace width 4 mil
Min trace gap 4 mil
Surface treatment LF HAL/Leaded HAL
Application CCTV, Camera, Monitoring equipment, Security PCB
Solder mask color black
Silkscreen color white

security(cctv) pcb4

Product Features

We offer PCB & PCBA service, also do the final product assembly of CCTV camera. Seamless process for sourcing components and fabricating and assembling standard PCBs. The most trusted end-to-end platform for ordering fully assembled quality PCBs online, backed by our ZERO DEFECT GUARANTEE on every Turnkey PRO order.
• Instant Quote
• True 5-day turnaround
• 2-34 layer boards
• 3-mil trace / space
• BOM check
• DFM & DFA checks by experienced engineers
• Assembly
• Component Sourcing
• Component engineering assistance and procurement
• Complete DFA check and flying probe testing available

Pls contact us at [email protected] for your PCB/FPC/PCBA/FPCA/STENCIL/ASSEMBLY service.

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